Celtic Faerie Jewelry Company

Gemstone Lore

Gemstones have been used throughout history in spiritual practices and for their healing properties. The energy that the stones impart to their wearers have made the rare and beautiful gems precious.

Although science recognizes the inherent powers of gemstones in technological uses such crystals in watches, lasers, and computers, the more subtle influences - like their ability to promote physical healing in the body, or their power to help balance human emotions continues to elude modern science.

This list includes the properties of many of the Gemstones and Crystals we have available in our Celtic Faerie Jewelry Collections.

Abalone: Handling Emotional Situations, Psychic Development.


Agate: Balance, Perceptiveness, Inspiration.

Blue Lace Agate: Grace, Inspiration, Gentleness Tranquility, Communication.

Botswana Agate: Transitions, Creativity, Communication.

Dragons Vein Agate: Creative Visualization, Energy, Strength.

Fire Agate: Meditation, Calming.

Green Tree Agate: Poise, Self-Control. Also good for plants.

Moss Agate: Abundance,Protection, Ego and Self-Esteem, Emotional Balance.

Purple Agate: Trust, Helps Clear Mind.

Amethyst: Meditative, Balance, Calming, Patience, Sobriety.

Aquamarine: Courage, Peace, Communication.

Aventurine: Leadership, Independence, Motivation Success,Prosperity.

Binghamite: Good Fortune, Elves and Fairies, Energy.

Blackstone: Highly Protecting, Healing.

Black Onyx: Magic, Heal Old Grief or Sorrow.

Bloodstone (Heliotrope): Centering, Adaptability, Reduced Anxiety.

Blue Tiger's Eye (Hawk's Eye): Communication, Courage, Throat Chakra.

Blue Topaz: Leadership Ability, Psychic Knowldege, Spirital Growth.

Bone: Vitality, Strength.

Bronzite: Focused Action, Courtesy, Inner Certainty, Muscular Tension.

Carnelian: Confidence, Boldness, Initiative, Dramatic Abilities.

Cat's Eye: Good Fortune, Good Luck, Serenity, Happiness.

Chalcedony: Promotes Harmony, Camaraderie, Goodwill.

Chrysocolla: Allows Truth and Inner Wisdom to Surface and Be Heard.

Chrysoprase: Prosperity, Business Success, Strengthens Friendships.

Citrine: Personal Power, Creativity, and Intelligence.

Druzy Crystal: Joy, Light, Ritual.

Emerald: Love, Communication, Truthfulness.

Fire Opal: Vitality, Handle Change Comfortably, Clairaudience.

Flourite: Protective, Stabilizing.

Garnite: Romance, Love, Self-Confidence.

Glass: Fire, Air, Earth, Water Elements Combined, Transformation, Rebirth, focus.

Goldstone: Calming, Protective.

Hematite: Regeneration, Insight, Order.

Howlite: Patience, Awareness, Observation.

Jade: Accomplishment, Fortune, Longevity.


Brecciated Jasper: Strength, Vitality .

Dalmation Jasper: Family Bonds, Friendships, Calms Children/Animals.

Leopardskin Jasper: Spiritual Discovery.

Picture Jasper: Creative Vision, Initiative, Confidence, Harmony.

Red Jasper: Justice, Protection, Fairness.

Picture Jasper: Grounding, Harmonizing .

Yellow Jasper: Balance, Solar Plexus, Belly, Helps with Depression, Social Welfare.

Jet aka Black Amber: Heal Grief, Protect Finances.

Lapis Lazuli: Knowledge, Perfection, Wisdom, Truthfulness, Inner Power, Organization.

Mahogany Obsidian: Inner Strength, Pschic Protection.

Malachite: Good Fortune, Prosperity, self-confidence, Energy, Balance.

Marble: Nurturing, Protective.

Moonstone: Sensitivity, Intuitio, Protection, Obesity.

Molybdenum: Reliability, Stress Relief, Heal Holes in Aura.

Mother of Pearl: Adaptability, Metal Clarity, Cooperation, Prosperity, Intuition, Transmute Negativity.

Obsidian: Protection, Grounding, Remove Negativity, Infections.

Onyx: Root Chakra, Protection, Assists with Challenges, Stabilizing.

Opal: Enhance Memory, decrease confusion, Inspiration, Imagination, Creativity.

Pearls: Calming, Purity, Chaity, Truth.

Peridot: Heart Chakra, Balance, Compassion.


Quartz: Power, Protection, Harmony, Balance and Energy.

Fiery Quartz: Peace, Calm, Meditation.

Prehnite Quartz:Precognition, Enhances Spiritual Growth, Increase Energy.

Rose Quartz: Calming, Gentleness, Love, Romantic, Opens the Heart.

Smoky Quartz: Centering, Good Luck, Protection.

Snow Quartz: Good Fortune, Purification, Calming, Meditation.

Rainbow Moonstone: Calming, Creativity, Compassion, Goddess Energies.

Rainbow Obsidian: "Stone of Pleasure", Love, Light, Scrying.

Red Tigers Eye: (AKA Dragon's Eye or Ox Eye) Vitality, Stability, Willpower.

Rhodonite: Grace, Elegance, calming, confidence.

Ruby: Happiness, Prosperity, Integrity, Devotion.

Ruby in Fuchsite: Happiness, Prosperity, Integrity, Devotion, Inspiration, Problem Solving, Intuition.

Ruby in Zoisite: Energises Happiness, Appreciation, Abundance, Vitality.

Sapphire: Creative Expression, Intuition.

Snowflake Obsidian: Balance, Serenity, Protection.

Sodalite: Logic, Rationality,Intelligence, Efficiency, dispel fear/phobias.

Sunstone: Abundance, Good Luck, Turns Negative Energy into Positive Energy.

Swarovski Crystals: Positive Energy, Hope, Joy, Diffuse Negative Energy, Good Luck.

Tanzanite: Magic, Success, Stress Relief.

Tiger Eye: Optimism, Clarity, Peacefulness, Protection, Integrity.

Topaz: Balance, Release Tension, Success, Protection.


Turquoise: Master Healer Stone, Sacred, Stress Relief, Grounding, Protection, Abundance.

Yellow Turquoise: Personal Power, Positive Energy, Communication.

Unakite: Protection Stone, Helpful for Gardening, Love, Humanity.

Zebra Stone: Connect to Mother Earth, Stimulates Energy.