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How Can A Magnetic Field Reduce Pain?

The main actions of a magnetic field is relaxation and circulation.

Magnetic fields appear to greatly increase blood flow in the tiny capillaries. Testing by plethysmography (a way of measuring blood flow through the fingers) Doctors have found a rate of 300% increase in five minutes - a dramatic change. The speeded circulation is thought to be due to relaxation of capillary walls and important changes in the capillary beds, as well as further relaxation of muscle and connective tissue. Capillaries are key to understanding how magnets relieve pain via increased blood flow. Capillaries, far narrower than arteries or veins, are the regulators of blood flow. They are turned off until there is a need for carrying oxygen in and carbon dioxide and other waste products out. Then they're activated. Blood flow in tissue is governed by how many capillaries are flowing. When their walls are relaxed they allow the blood to flow more freely. Capillary action helps pain in another way: by speeding up fluid exchange in injured tissue, thereby flushing away the pain and inflammation chemistry at the site.

Magnet Warning.

Magnetism is as natural as the sun and earth.

For thousands of years man has used magnetics to relieve pain and help healing. The body is a bio magnetic organism that depends on this invisible force to maintain a balance of positive and negative ions for good health. Sports professionals have relied on magnetics for years, and claim it provides relief from aches and stiffness.

Magnetics are hardly new in the medical field. The Greeks and Egyptians first recorded the therapeutic benefits of magnets four thousand years ago. One out of seven Japanese households use magnetics and one out of ten German homes use magnetics today. But magnets are enjoying an increase in popularity in this country too! A movement toward alternative therapies and unconventional treatments is on the rise.

Everyone can have a different reaction to medication. With magnetics, there are no ill side effects. But the length of time for a reaction may vary. Some people feel results in minutes, most in 24 to 48 hours. A few will not feel the effects for weeks, don't give up if you don't feel something right away, for you it just might take time.