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About Celtic Faerie

Celtic-Faerie Jewelry had its humble beginnings on the family dining room table, where Tina crafted her first "Victorian Styled" hat pin for one of her cowboy action shooting friends who wanted something special to help hold her new hat in place. Through that first creation, and by word of mouth, a new cottage industry was born, and Tina found a new outlet for her creative talents.

As an experiment, Tina placed a few of her hat pins in her husband's ebay store and armed with the results of that experiment, decided to branch out into designing and making other types of jewelry. Now you will find a wide variety of beautiful inexpensive handcrafted jewelry, presented by Tina, both in her new ebay store, and on this website.

We hope you will have as much fun looking through the Celtic-Faerie Jewelry Collection as Tina did designing her many pieces.

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We accept personal checks, and paypal for all payments. Please allow seven to 14 days for checks to clear. Use your paypal account for quick secure payments. We only receive the payment amount and the required information to pull your order, and ship it to you. All other information remains private. Many times we ship items paid through Pay Pal on the same day.

NOTE: We try to keep our shipping costs reasonable. If paypal over charges you for shipping when you order two or more items, we will refund any difference to your paypal account.